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Microslide Cabinet


YSI–161 Yorco Microslide Cabinet
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For safe and easy handling of 75 × 25 mm slides. Made of mild steel sheet. Well designed for its appearance, performance and durability. Powder coated paint outer finish with smoothly working doors fitted with handle, lock and key. The anodized aluminium slide strays for holding 75 × 25 mm slides, have been arranged separately so as not to disturb other compartments while taking out or putting in the slides. The usual size of the tray is 350 × 210 × 35 mm and is nicely fitted with uniformly slotted aluminium carrier in four rows, each holding 50 slides i.e. each tray hold 100/200 slides in horizontal position and is fitted with index and holder. Slide holding slotted rows are numbered 1 to 50 to identify the slides

. Available in following capacities :– •

1000 slides • 2000 slides

• 3000 slides • 5000 slides

10000 slides • 20000 slides


YSI–162 Yorco Microslide Cabinet

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Well designed for its appearance and durability, fabricated out of thick P.C.R.C. sheet, finished with long lasting powder coated paint. Doors have continuous hinges for smooth operation, fitted with handle, lock and key. Each aluminium tray can accommodate twenty 75 × 25 mm slides in flat position. The Trays are deep enough to hold two slides, one on top of the other in each compartment, thus doubling the capacity. Trays can be placed in incubator without wrapping for conditioning of slides.

Available in following capacities :–

• 500 slides • 1000 slides

• 2000 slides • 3000 slides

• 5000 slides








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