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YSI–143 Yorco L-Moulds: Embedding Moulds
----Made of Brass

Specimen Holder Used for holding the wax block for taking sections on the microtome.

Sizes :– 37 × 25 × 15 mm pair
             50 × 25 × 15 mm pair
            75 × 30 × 19 mm pair

YSI–144 Yorco Paraffin Dispenser

Paraffin Dispenser is used in Histopathology lab., Forensic medicine lab., and anatomy lab. where wax embedded module or blocks are prepared. Specially designed where large volume of paraffin is required, to facilitate for collecting wax for embedding purpose. A tap with temperature control is provided so that wax is not stuck to tap. It flows free when melted. Temperature is controlled by trusted thermostat and is kept 65°C. Inner and outer wall are made of SS and in between Heat insulation is provided. Outer body remains cool, easy to operate. Keep it on table & plug it to 230 Volts. 1 phase, AC supply and wax will be melted within approx. one hour.


YSI–146 Yorco Hone

Made of ground glass, in wooden box. Supplied with bottle of Abrasive powder.

Size :– 300 × 75 mm

YSI–147 Yorco Leather Strops

—Flock Type Cemented on Blocks.

Size :– 300 × 64 mm


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