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Blood Bank Chamber

YSI–572 Yorco Blood Bank Refrigerator (with Digital Temperature Controller) Deluxe Model

Yorco Blood Bank Refrigerators are most versatile unit for Blood Bank, specially designed for this purpose. It is available various capacities for storing the blood bags/bottles of capacity upto 450 ml., in an automatically controlled temperature of 4°C. to 6°C. Forced air circulation ensures uniform temperature.

Construction :– External body is made M.S. sheet, duly pretreated and is finished with powder coated paint for lasting finish. Caster wheels provided for easily mobility. Inner chamber is made of high quality stainless steel, highly polished S.S. trays are provided, for accommodating blood bottles or Blood bags.

Cooling System :– Cooling is achieved by highly efficient refrigeration system using hermetically sealed compressor and other parts.
Two doors are provided Inner door is of clean acrylic sheet glass for easy viewing inside the chamber. Outer door is duly insulated for proper sealing from external environment and is lockable.

Temperature Control :– Temperature inside the chamber is maintained automatically by electronic digital temp. controller-cum-indicator.
An audiovisual alarm system is incorporated with battery back up in case of mains failure or temperature variation beyond permitted tolerance or door opening to prevent the spoilage of stored blood bags. Inside illumination is provided for visibility of bags kept inside the chamber.

Control Panel :– All controls such as digital temperature controller-cum indicator, mains switches, indicating lights, battery check switch, Audio visual alarm, & voltmeter are easily accessible.

Power supply :– Suitable to work on 220 V, 50Hz, AC supply.

Capacity :–
• 85 Ltr – 50 Blood bags
• 165 Ltr – 110 Blood bags
• 200 Ltr – 200 Blood bags
• 280 Ltr – 250 Blood bags
• 400 Ltr – 360 Blood bags

Optional Accessories :–
• Weekly temperature recorder
• Voltage stabilizer – 3 KVA / 4 KVA

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