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Elisa Plate Rotator

YSI–155 Yorco Elisa Plate Rotator

For Elisa plate shaking at adjustable speed from minimum to maximum required for Elisa test. The Rotator having platform of size 300 × 300 which can take Elisa plates in the special framed cavities. An imported time 0–1 hr. is also fitted to control the shaking duration. Supplied complete with cord & plug. Suitable to work on 220 V Single Phase 50 HZ Ac supply.

YSI–156 Plasma Separator

For efficient, Clear Separation of Blood Components. The stand is designed to Extract Blood Components from a Blood Collecting Bag to a Satellite Bag or from a Satellite bag to a transfer bag. Keeps constant gentle pressure for separating plasma with safe transfer. Blood bag is kept in between pressure plate and the uniform wall of the equipment. After releasing the pressure it is easy to transfer from blood bag to satellite bag. It is easy to operate. Accommodates bags upto

Capacity : 500 ml

YSI–157 Hand Sealer, Cutter and tube Stripper

Hand Sealer is a multi functional tool for Exclusive use in Blood Bank for stripping, Sealing and cutting the donor tube after Blood Collection. Fabricated with hardened steel and ground Jaws with easy hold plier like handles. It is simple to operate and highly effective because of its ergonomic design.

YSI–158 Yorco Syringe Needle Destroyer

Scientific research has discovered that used syringe and needle are very dangerous to human which can cause incurable disease like AIDS, Hepatitis and many more. A unique machine has been developed by YORCO to destroy both i.e. needle and syringe in a Safe, Ecofriendly, Cost Effective manner. After switching ON, Insert the used needle to small hole provided and with in seconds the needle will be destroyed. Insert the syringe on the top of the machine in the big hole provided with a cutting blade, just pull the lever and syringe will be cut into two.

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