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DM–190 Stericlean Bio Safe Biological Safety Cabinet (Exclusive)

STERICLEAN ‘Class 100’ Laminar Air Flow BIOSAFE Biological Safety Cabinet complies with the guidelines laid down by U.S. National Institute of Health, and the specifications of British Standard 5726 — Appendix A for class II Biological Safety Cabinets. It is an integral factory assembled system. The basic unit is of externally Melamine laminated body housing, Pre Filters, HEPA Filters & Blowers assembly etc. It is suitable for handling medium to low risk organisms encountered in research, Investigation, Labs in all branches of Medical, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical & Science.

In addition to normal feature of Vertical Laminar Flow, It is provided with following unique features :
• Re-Circulation of Air – offering highest level of cleanliness.
• Sliding Sash – renders unit convertible for use as a conventional vertical laminar down flow clean air work station.
• Filtered Exhaust – protects ambient environment, and avoids build up, air borne particles.
• Supplementary Air Barrier – prevents contamination through make up air.
• Glove Ports and Gauntlets – permits working with medium to low-risk organisms, pathogenic cultures or unidentified stains that tend to aerosolize in unknown concentrations (Optional).
• Fumigation Tray – for effective disinfection/ decontamination (Optional)
• Built in U.V. Germicidal light – facilitates sterilization of working area before and after use.
• Cock – for gas, air or vacuum, (only 1 no.) is provided.
• Static Pressure Manometer – is used for monitoring the HEPA filters.

Supplied complete as above, with cord and plug, suitable to work on 220 volts single phase, 50 Hz, Ac supply.

Available in following sizes :–
Working size
Size of HEPA filter
No. of HEPA filter (Unit supplied with prefilter)
2Χ40 w
2Χ40 w
U.V. Tube at work area
30 w
30 w
U.V. Tube at exhaust
15 w
15 w

Optional Features :–
• Exhaust System suitable for duct above 6 ft. : To throw the contaminated air to the atmosphere.
• Exhaust Ducting : PVC pipe with suitable fittings.
• Virus Burn Out Unit : Ensures destruction of pathogens present in air being exhausted from the cabinet. This further enhances protection of environment.

Spare Accessories :–
• HEPA filter
• U.V. Tube




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