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Air Shower

DM–205 Stericlean Air Shower (Exclusive)

A self contained well built factory assembled modular system designed to deliver a spray of moving air at 6000 ft. per minute approx. from nozzles in the ceiling and opposing walls. The system being modular can be easily transported and virtually can be installed at any site.Absolute filter-fan module provide positive pressurisation and filtration down to 99.97% efficiency on 0.3 micron. The clean air inside the shower will support a very high degree of sterility and clean air condition.The system is supplied with optionally aluminium grated floor located approximately 6 inches above datum level. Duct air chassis are installed within the walls of the units. The illumination level will be 100 foot candles. While the system is in operation, both doors will be automatically locked. In the event of power failure or an emergency, the doors get unlocked.
Basic construction is of Board fitted on strong frame, and all exposed interior and exterior surfaces are finished in sunmica lamination. Provided with two aluminium framed acrylic/glass door with automatic locking device.
Statically/dynamically balanced, blower draws the air through pre-filters and throws it through HEPA filter into the chamber. It has automatic actuating air shower operation, adjustable time duration, with solid state controls.
Suitable to work on 440V, 3 phase 50 Hz, Ac supply.

Available in following range :–
• Class 10000
• Class 100

Size :– 3’ × 3’ × 6’.

Other sizes on request

DM–206 Stericlean Class 100 Pressuring Module

For providing clean air and creating positive pressure in the room thus upgrading room cleanliness level. Air from outside the room is filtered through Pre & Hepa Filters and is thrown into the room, Easy to install & maintenance free. Suitable for O/T Nursing Home, Research Lab., Computer Rooms etc.
Supplied complete with Hepa Filter and Pre Filter built in motor, Blower etc. but W/O optional accessories.

Optional Accessories :–
• Static Pressure Manometer

500 cfm
1000 cfm.



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