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YSI–471 Yorco Tissue Homogenizer
---Hand Operated

For the reduction of small tissue samples to a homogeneous suspension for pathological, immunological and biochemical studies. It consists of a Teflon pestle mounted on stainless steel rod and replaceable grinding vessel of Borosilicate ground glass for preparation of tissue homogeneities.

Available in following capacities :–
Working Capacity : (ml) 5 10 30 50 100
Spare Glass Tube : (ml) 5 10 30 50 100.
YSI–472 Description same as above but electrically operated by 1/20 H.P., 4000 rpm highly reliable motor with a chuck to hold the tissue grinder, fitted on a stand and is supplied with a speed regulator.
Suitable to work on 220 Volts, 1 Ph, 50 Hz AC supply.
YSI–473 same as YSI–472 but operated by 1/5 H.P. motor having 15,000 rpm with speed regulator.

Working Capacity :– (ml) 10 30 50 100

YSI–474 Yorco Micro Tissue Homogenizer-Disintegrator —Virtis Type

Designed to meet the varied homogenizing needs of biological and chemical laboratories. Rapidly rotating razor sharp blades provide fast and thorough reduction of tissues, for preparation of emulsion of difficult solutions etc. Powerful (1/10 hp) high speed upto (10000 rpm) AC/DC motor is mounted above homogenizing flask/bottle. Motor speed is controlled by a speed regulator. The stainless steel shaft with Micro cutting Blades, Micro homogenizing Flask/Bottle for sample of 2 ml to 25 ml, 5 ml to 30 ml, 10 ml to 50 ml. Supplied complete in all respects.
Suitable to work on 220 volts, 1 ph, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Optional Accessories :–
Attachment for 220 ml with set of shaft blade and flask.
Attachment for 500 ml with set of shaft blade and flask.

YSI–475 Yorco Tissue Homogenizer Electric Disintegrator —Virtis Type

High speed tissue homogenizer is electrically operated by 230 Volts AC/DC, 1/4 H.P., 15000 rpm motor. It has an aerosol assembly of stainless steel which eliminates the hazard of dangerous aerosol homogenizing procedure. The speed is controlled with speed regulator. Complete in all respects with friction free top.

Capacity :– 100 ml and 500 ml assembly bottle/flask.

YSI–476 Other details as per YSI–475 but with S.S. cup.


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