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Muffle Furnace

YSPL–532 York Muffle Furnace Rectangular

York Muffle Furnaces are designed to meet the requirements of varied customers in Educational Research and Industrial fields. The casing in made of thick mild steel sheet reinforced with iron angles, riveted at joints. Heating elements made of Canthal wire wound externally on the muffle and embedded in best quality high temperature embedding cement. Maximum temperature upto 1200°C or 1000°C, working temperature 1100°C or 900°C, controlled by Sunvic simerstat energy regulator fitted in front of the furnace with two indicating lights and indicating type pyrometer, thermocouple, silver fuse and lead wire Light weight, with ceramic wool insulation.
Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Available in following Temperature Ranges :–
Working Maximum
900°C 1000°C
1100° 1200°C

Available in following sizes :–
• Solid State Temp. Controller Cum Digital Display in lieu of energy regulator & pyrometer.
• Micro processor based PID temp. controller cum indicator in lieu of energy regulator & pyrometer

Available in following sizes :–
Muffle size (inside) Rating
• 100 × 100 × 225 mm 1.5 KW • 150 × 150 × 300 mm 3.5 KW
• 125 × 125 × 250 mm 2.5 KW • 200 × 200 × 300 mm 5.0 KW
• 125 × 125 × 300 mm 3.0 KW • 175 × 175 × 475 mm 5.0 KW

SPL–535 York Seitz Filter

To remove submicron particles for bacteriological and other, laboratory work. Made of Stainless Steel/Gun Metal, Chrome plated throughout. Filter Pads (not supplied and used as the filtering medium) can be used until clogged but can not be regenerated.
Filters are designed for different capacities. Screw cap has air tight fitting. For use with pressure vacuum or gravity with the top closed and with either gravity or vacuum with top removed. Body is clamped tightly on the fitter holder by bolts and wing nuts. Supplied complete but without filter pads.
Pad Size Capacity
3 cms 50 cc
6 cms 100 cc
7.5 cms 250 cc
7.5 cms 500 cc
14 cms 1000 cc


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