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Seed Germinator

YSI–466 Yorco Seed Germinator
---Dual Chamber

Latest range of YORCO Seed Germinator sets new standard for conducting experiments in the field of seed germination of variety of seeds under different environmental conditions of temperature, humidity, illumination. Both chambers have different environmental conditions.

Temperature Control :– Temperature of both the chambers can be controlled separately and independently by thermostats. In one Chamber - The temperature can be controlled from ambient to 50°C (i.e. Heating system only is provided). In another chamber- Temperature can be controlled from 2°C to 50°C (with help of refrigerate system comprising of hermetically sealed compressor suitable heating system).

Construction :– Outer body is made of MS Sheet duly pre treated and finished with epoxy powder paint. Inner chamber is made of stainless steel or anodized aluminium Sheets of suitable thickness. 14 Nos. Trays made of aluminium or stainless steel are provided in each chamber, of size 430 × 480mm each. Both the chambers are insulated with glass wool to minimise the temperature loss and enable to achieve the required conditions at the earliest. Both chambers have independent controls. Viewing window of glass are provided in the doors, for viewing purpose. Doors are insulated against any heat loss wheels provided for ease of mobility. Air circulation blower unit Provided for ensuring uniform temperature within the chambers. Cooling is achieve by refrigeration system by hermetically sealed compressor of high quality, along with other parts such as condensor, cooling coils, fan motor etc.

Illumination :– Both the chambers are equipped with fluorescent lights fro enabling photosynthesis & are switched ON/OFF by 0-24 hours timer to simulate the day/night conditions.

Humidification :– Humidity inside the chamber is provided by steam generated through heating water with the help of immersion type heater. A water reservoir is provided in the machine with heaters and controls for this purpose, to achieve 90 to 95% +3% RH (not adjustable).

Control Panel :– Switches and indicating lights for cooling, heating, humidity and illumination, timer, thermostats, etc. are provided on the control panel for easy access. Suitable to work on 230Volts single phase, 50Hz AC supply.

Size of each chamber :–
 W  ×   H   ×   D
555 × 910 × 605 mm

YSI–467 Yorco Seed Germinator
--Dual Chamber

Same as per YSI-466 but fitted with heating and cooling systems in both the chambers.

Optional Accessories for (YSI–466, 467) :–
• Voltage Stabilizers – 3 KVA for YSI–466
• Voltage Stabilizers – 5 KVA for YSI–467
• Digital temp. Indicator in lieu of thermostat.
• Digital temp. Controller cum Indicator in lieu of thermostat
• Mirco processed based PID temp. controller cum indicator in lieu of thermostat
• Interior illumination the 3 tube lights 60cm., per chamber.




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