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Bath Stirrer
YSI–414 York Dry Bath Incubator

Accommodates test tubes and micro centrifuge tube for microbiology and clinical and laboratory incubation, boiling, inactivation, wet washing samples, concentration enzyme analysis and other general industrial use.
A Dry-Block heater unit having recessed chamber to hold inter changeble insert blocks made of metal alloy with excellent thermal conductivity are provided with choice of different sizes of hole for tubes or containers ranging from 6 to 26 mm dia.
Temperature range from ambient to 85°C is controlled by digital solid state controller cum indicator.

YSI–415 York High Precision Water Bath with Stirrer

Table top model with double walled construction is ideally
suited for experiments or research work requiring very tightly controlled temperature with an accuracy of 0.1°C of digital temp. controller.
The inner chamber consists of thick stainless steel sheet & is 100% leak proof and the welding itself is ground properly to give a smooth inside working surface.
The outer wall consists of thick PCRC sheet which is duly degreased and pretreated with primer paint to prevent rusting and finished with white stove enamel which doesn’t chip off easily.
The space between the two walls is packed tightly with high grade glass wool to ensure constant temperature and minimum loss of heat.
It is provided with a glass window for an easy inside view. A speed controlled stirrer is provided for continuous stirring of the medium to ensure uniform temperature throughout.
The heating mechanism comprises of sets of heaters corresponding to faster and slower heating. The later are meant for very tight control of temperature.
The temperature is controlled from ambient to 100°C by Solid State Electronic Temperature Controller cum Indicator.

Inner Chamber :–
 W        H       D
430 × 240 × 265 mm




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