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Heating Digestion
YSI–421 York Fibertec digestion Apparatus

Fibertec digestion apparatus is made of MS Sheet duly powder coated with an individual recesses containing flexible and elastic heaters (Heating Mantle). Capable of taking flask from 400 ml to 800 ml.
The built in energy regulators control temperature individually upto 250°C. Power 2700 Watt, on 230 Volts main supply. Fume condenser–Lead Cover metal or Glass. Assembly consist of stand unit folding type and glass vacuum trap for evacuating the fumes.

YSI–422 York Extraction Apparatus

The complete soxhlet extraction apparatus consists of solvent reservoir extraction assembly with 6 extraction places with concentric metal rings of various diameter to suit 100 ml flasks to 250 ml flasks and built in steam generator. Complete with stand, clamp holder soxhlet extraction (Condenser) glass and extraction flask of 60 ml volume. Power 2 KW, Single Phase, 230 Volts.

YSI–424 York Kjeldhal Dry

The Dry-Block Kjeldhal is an economical, compact, constant–temperature heating system suitable for Test tubes etc. Dry-Blocks are particularly suitable in the Laboratory for digestion, incubation, boiling and variety of Industrial application. The system comprises of a heater base dry-Block of metal alloy provided with holes to accept 40 test tubes of 26 mm dia × 250 mm long/20 test tube of 42 mm dia. × 290 mm long. Block heaters have been fixed at the base of the dry-block duly embossed. Temperature is maintained uniform throughout the block. Temperature range upto 450°C with the help of solid state digital temp. controller cum indicator.
Power 2 KW, Single Phase, 230 Volt 50 Hz.

Major Components :–
• Kjeldhal thermostat digestion block.
• Insert Rack tubes.
• Insert Rack for condensor (Exhaust manifold)
• Complete exhaust manifold.
• Two-tier console with spillage tray.
• O shape ring for condensor.
• Cooling pump (Water trap).
• Kjeldhal lifting device.




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