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YSI–447 York Hybridization Incubator

Temperature range from ambient (+5°C) to 90°C ± 0.5°C controlled by P.I.D. controller. Chamber made of S.S. 304 is provided with air circulation fan. Rotator is inbuilt and is provided with racks to hold six bottles (60 mm Dia × 200 mm Depth) at a variable speed of 2 to 16 rmp.

YSI–448 York Tw’In-O’ (Incubator and Oven Combined)

This unit consist of two chambers. The lower chamber works as incubator and the upper chamber works as oven. Temperature of both the chambers is controlled separately by individual solid state temperature controller-cum-indicators. Fitted with air circulation fan for temperature uniformity.

Inner chamber Size :–
  W  ×  H   ×  D
355 × 355 × 355 mm
455 × 455 × 455 mm
455 × 455 × 605 mm
605 × 605 × 605 mm


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