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Humidity Cabinet

YSI–453 York Humidity & Temperature Control Cabinet

Humidity and temperature control Cabinet are well designed for conducting different laboratory and research experiments for different quality control tests to be carried out on different materials e.g. cement, motors, various electrical fittings, electronic circuits and components, cloth and paper etc. under controlled temp. and humidity conditions.

Construction :–
It is of robust construction. The outer body is made of M.S. Sheet duly pre treated & finished with epoxy powder paint for lasting finish. Caster wheels provided for easy mobility. The intermediate wall is of G.I. Sheet. Inner chamber is made of Stainless Steel/Aluminium Anodized. Tray are also supplied to make the shelves inside the chamber. Inner chamber facilitates self placement at desired height. The chamber is insulated by filling glass wool in the space of between outer body and chamber to prevent temperature loss. Door is also insulated.
Forced air circulation in the chamber by a blower ensures uniform temperature and humidity inside the chamber. Finned type heater duly insulated from body are provided in the moving air path. Humidity is achieved by generating of steam by immersion type water heater in water reservoir & its subsequent condensation in the circulating air.

Temperature and Humidity Control :–
Dry temperature is controlled by reliable imported thermostat from ambient to 55°C ± 0.5°C. Humidity is also controlled by imported thermostat which controls wet temperature for controlling humidity and switches off immersion heaters to stop generating steam. Arrangement exist only for increasing humidity & not for decreasing the humidity.

Temperature Range :– Ambient to 55°C + 0.5°C.

Humidity Range :– Ambient to 95% + 3%. RH

Size of inner chamber :–
455 × 710 × 455 mm
605 × 605 × 605 mm
605 × 910 × 605 mm
YSI–454 Same as per YSI–453 but humidity is achieved by spraying water with the help of compressed air. Supplied with Air Compressor


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