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Isotope Handling Equipments

YSI–701 Remote Handling Tongs
For manipulation at safe distance of beakers, glasses etc.

Two interchangeable jaws fitted with variety of shapes size up to 5.5" dia, Made of S.S.d

YSI–702 Remote Forceps
To pick up small objects such as needles, small bottles.

YSI–703 Remote Control Pipettor
• Complete with 10 cc hypodermic Syringes and P.V.C. tube.
• For remote handling of solutions behind shielding or in the open. Approx. 2 feet long with precision pumps.

YSI–704 Deluxe Isotope Bottle Opener

YSI–705 Wire Cutter

YSI–706 Remote Control Can Openers
• Heavy duty right angle Can Opener with ejector device for can lid, 3 ft. long.
• Vertical type Can Opener with ejector device, 3 ft. long.

YSI–707 S. S. Precipitation Apparatus
For simple preparation of 1/2" dia filter paper. Precipitates for use on Rings and Discs.

YSI–708 S. S. Filter Tower Apparatus
Similar to above but assures more uniform precipitation and leak proof contact by means of a screw on fitting.

YSI–709 Planchets
Aluminium planchets with shallow depression made from 20 SWG thick sheet. (Pack of 100 pieces).
• Alu. planchet with 5 mm depression.
• S.S. planchet with shallow depression.
• S.S. planchet with 5 mm depression.

YSI–710 Sample Storage Cabinet
Sample Storage Cabinet made of Teak Wood Size 14" H×12 1/2" W×1 0" d Containing 10 Alu. trays with circular recesses for 25×1 “ dia samples on each tray.
Spare Tray :
• Tray made of S.S. size 12”×12"×2".
• Tray made as above but 18"×18"×1".
Tray for 25 planchets made of aluminium useful for carrying samples from one place to another place.

YSI–711 Universal Lead Castle
The castle is built upon standard units which can be constructed as required.
• Door Unit: Height 3", Lead thickness: 1-3/4", W of door 4" clear.
• End Unit with M. Steel handles lead thickness 1".
• Ring Unit: Height 1.5" lead thickness: 1.5".
N. B. : A Basic castle consists of :
• One door Unit (3" height)
• One pair (top and bottom end unit)

YSI–712 Lead Pots for Radioactive Isotopes

Plain Storage Lead pots with Plug lid: inner dimension: 1-3/16" dia 3-1/2" deep.
Lead Thickness :– 1/2", 3/4", 1", 2", 3", 4".

YSI–713 Lead Pots with Detachable Carrying Handles
Internal dia 1-3/16" × 3-1/2" deep
• Lead Thickness 1 “
• Lead Thickness 2”
Internal dia 1-1/2" dia × 4" deep
• Lead Thickness 1"
• Lead Thickness 2"

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