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Isotope Handling Equipments

YSI–714 Lead Storage Pots in Steel Casing
Lead Storage pots with Flanged Lid mounted in Wooden Box with Rope Handles internal dimension of pot: 1-3/16" dia, 3.1/2" deep.
Lead Thickness :– 1", 2", 3"

YSI–715 Regular Lead Bricks
4" h × 2" w × 6" d Smooth Seamless bricks easily stacked to form a stable protective wall.

YSI–716 2" Thick Lead Bricks
Approximate dimension 5"×5"×2" thickness with V Shaped sides. Made by die casting suitable for storing one above the other.
• Type A – Straight type with two solid “V” grooves and two hollow V grooves.
• Type B – Corner type with two Solid “V” grooves and two hollow V grooves.
• Type C – Straight type with two Solid “V” grooves and one hollow V groove with flat bottom suitable for placing on level ground.
• Type D – Corner type with two solid “V” grooves and one hollow V shaped grooves with flat bottom suitable for placing of level ground.
Note : Type ’C’&’D’ are required for the bottom set of bricks for a lead shielding wall.

YSI–717 Lead Shielded Syringe (Cover)
• 1 cm. Thick around the syringe.

YSI–718 Lead Letter & Figures
An item most essential for identification of radiographs. These are available in 1/2" and 1/4" From 1 to 9, Left to Right.

YSI–719 Lead Rubber Sheeting
The sheeting can be cut to any size according to individual requirements for protecting areas surrounding the specific area of treatment fully protected.
300 mm × 600 mm

• Lead Thickness 1 mm
• Lead Thickness 2 mm

YSI–720 Lead Rubber Apron
Fully protective, durable and comfortable. A product of excellent quality with 0.5 mm lead equivalent fawn cotton covered both sides webbing cross, over straps, buckles and leather binding.

YSI–721 Lead Rubber Apron
Deluxe Model

YSI–722 Lead Gloves (Standard Model)
Lead equivalent 0.5 mm (Deluxe Model)

YSI–726 Lead Goggles

YSI–727 Perspex Beta Hoods
(Radiochemical Glove Boxes)
For the safe handling of radio isotopes alpha low energy beta emitters, bacteria-toxic substances and all other hazardous materials. The cabinet is airtight and with an exhaust fan and tube light. Two gloves ports are fitted at the front. The viewing panel is of perspex sheets. A removable panel at one end to take any service which are required insides the box dimension : 36" wide × 15" deep 18" height at the back and 15" height at the front.

YSI–728 Protection Screen Lead Lined
183 cm×91.5 cm (6’ × 3') Single ordinary Glass of size. 20.3 cm×25.4 cm (8"×10") size Mobile protection Chair lead- lined, lined film chest, Film drying Cabinet are also available.
We also manufacture
Fume Hood, Neck Phantom Water Phantom, L-Bench with Stainless Lining & Various other items on your specific requirements.

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