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Chromatography Refrigerator

YSI–581 York Chromatography Refrigerator

—Fisher type
Ideal for LC applications in biotechnology, enzyme and cancer studies. Designed especially for demanding chromatography procedures. Including reversed-phase LC with proteins and amino acids. accommodate everything from entire TLC assemblies to tanks, plates, columns, developing tanks and rack/tanks assemblies.
Roomy cabinet interior provides the ultimate in flexibility. Supplied with Kit (support rods and connectors) so that components can be arranged as per need in different configuration. And with full size shelves of epoxy-coated steel wire and stainless steel half shelves.
Forced-air cooling maintains a constant factory-set 4°C (39°F) to within ± 2°C (±3.6°F). (Adjustable from 0°C to 14°C/32° to 57°F). Uses R-12 refrigerant.
Outer cabinet body is made of M.S. Sheets duly pretreated & powder coated paint finished. Inner chamber is made of S.S. sheet.
Supplied complete with Solid State Temp. Controller-cum- Digital Indicator. Door Open Alarm, Power supply, Failure Alarm, Audio Visual Alarm for temp. variation.
Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

• Stabilizer

Model                    581–S                      581–D
Operating temp.     4°C                         4°C
Capacity               26 cu. ft. (735 It)        43 cu. ft. (1217 It)
Chamber size        70 × 70 × 145 cm      56 × 122 × 160 cm
Door                     Single                        Double

YSL–606 York Lux Meter —Digital

A new series of instruments for Photometric measurements in
Botanical Physiology, Agricultural as well as lamp testing and other
research work, Can measure all kinds of light or selected wave
lengths, perpendicularly incident or total (with or without cosine error). Upto 50000 LUX.


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