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E.T.O. Sterilizers

YSU–406 Steri Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer suitable for sterilization of Catheters Disposable. The unit is made out of stainless steel 304 chambers. Stainless steel back plate as well as S.S./M.S. door. The unit is having individual valves for exhaust, allowing gas in the chamber and for vacuumising. The unit is having vacuum pump, chamber heating and control system. Table top model suitable for 2 Nos. Sterilizing Baskets. The unit is having facia panel. All accessories pump etc. are enclosed with stainless steel cover. Gauges and controls are provided in the facia panel. This model is specially designed for Hospitals and Research Lab. The unit is suitable for 10 : 90 EO : CO2 or 12 : 88 EO : F–12 mixture.

Table top model are having following sizes

• Cylindrical Model
300 mm (Dia) × 500 mm (Depth)
450 mm (Dia) × 450 mm (Depth)

• Rectangular Model
250 (H) × 300 (W) × 550 (D) mm.
250 (H) × 300 (W) × 800 (D) mm.


YSU–406 Steri Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

Free standing bulk model
Suitable for large Hospitals & for small manufacturing units. Suitable for 10/90 EO/CO2 mixture or 90/10 EO/CO2.

Cylindrical Model
400 Dia × 600 mm
500 Dia × 1200 mm

Rectangular Model
600 (H) × 600 (W) × 1200 (D) mm.
900 (H) × 600 (W) × 1500 (D) mm.

Other sizes on request.





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