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Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizers

YSU–408 Steri H.P. Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizer
Bearing ISI Mark : is – 3829 I

The sterilizer is based on the principle that microbiological action of saturated steam at elevated temp is rapid and thorough. All models work on downward displacement of air principle which is most economical method of obtaining for all types of bulk sterilization which are commonly needed in Medical, Agricultural and Pharmaceutical institutes.
Suitable for sterilizing hospital dressings, linen, rubber plastic goods, surgical instruments, glasswares and utensils etc.

Robust and rugged all weld construction which is leak proof unlike riveted construction. Inner chamber is made of thick plate of Mild Steel of non magnetic stainless steel of 304/316 quality and jacket is made out of rolled steel.
Sterilizers will have single door made out of rolled steel lined with S.S. sheet on both sides. All the sterilizers are hydraulically tested to withstand 2.5 times the working pressure.
The steam jacket is lined on the outer side with asbestos sheet or glass wool which prevent heat losses due to
radiation and is covered by strong rolled steel sheet duly painted.

Made of thick stainless steel plate suitably located under the sterilizer. High grade flanged type heating elements are fitted from front side for easy replacement/repair. Fitted with water gauge glass for water level, safety valve, water inlet and drain valves. It is also provided with Low Water Level cut off device. This device protects the heater in the generator from burning out dry. The steam pressure in the boiler is indicated on a individual pressure gauge.

Safety Lock for Door
Every horizontal rectangular sterilizer is fitted with SELF LOCKING SAFETY DOOR which cannot be opened when the chamber is under pressure.
The clutch mechanism automatically disengages the threads of the radial locking system for precluding any eventuality of accident when the chamber is under pressure. A heat resistant Neoprene Rubber gasket ensure steam tight fitting.

Pressure Control
Electrically operated “PIEZOSTAT” (Pressure Control Device) is incorporated in all electrically operated sterilizers. It economises power consumption and limits the use of release valve which would frequently blow steam into the room.
It cuts off the power supply to heaters when the set pressure is achieved and re-energises heaters when pressure falls down.

Complete sterilizing cycle is controlled from one point with the help of “Multi port valve” fitted at front top. Two speeds of exhaust are available for evacuating.

The Chamber
Two separate valves provided for evacuating air and steam from inner chamber and jacket as and when desired. A steam trap is fitted in the chamber discharge line to eliminate the condensate automatically.

Switch Box
Houses the Pressure control switch, Main switch, Pilot lamps, relays etc. and mounted on the stand of the sterilizer for easy operation.

Other Features

• TRIPLE SAFETY : The sterilizer is provided with triple safety.
(a) By a pressure control switch which automatically limits the pressure to the required set valve.
(b) Two spring loaded safety valves one each at chamber and boiler level.
(c) A dead weight safety valve at chamber level.
• A PLUG SCREEN prevents the discharge line from choking. The plug is easily removable for routing cleaning.
• A powerful Ejector (for drying sterilized linen) circulates air through the chamber. The circulating air passes through a corrosion resistant metal wool filter.
• A Dial thermometer is provided to show the chamber temperature.
• AUTOMATIC VACUUM BREAKER is provided to break vacuum case of vacuum formation due to steam condensation.
Operating Temperature and pressure :–
• Sterilizing Temp. : 121°C.
• Sterilizing Pressure : 1.2 to 1.5 kg/Cm2, (15 psi to 22 psi)

Optional Accessories
• Chamber/Jacket of S.S. 316
• Door of S.S. 304/316
• Additional Tray/Shelves
• Carriage & Trolley
• Direct steam supply from centralised boiler
• Temperature recorder
• High pressure High vacuum model
• Additional door (Double door) model.
• Fully automatic micro processor controlled model

Spare Accessories
• Pressure gauge/Compound gauge
• Water level gauge glass
• Dial thermometer
• Non return valve
• Moisture trap
• Jointless Gasket :– Neoprene/silicon rubber,
 size : 400 & 500mm
• Heating elements (Flange Type) Rating kw 6.0, 9.0

Available in following capacities
      W                   H                    D                load

(a) 600 mm    ×   600 mm    ×    1200 mm     18 kw     Electrically Operated
(b) 600           ×   900          ×    1500            36 kw     Electrically Operated
(c) 900           ×   1050         ×    2100                         Steam Operated
(d) 1050         ×    1200        ×   2100                          Steam Operated




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