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YSI–403 Yorco H.P. Sterilizer


High pressure electrically heated vertical steam sterilizer used for sterilizing of surgical instruments, dressing material, linen, rubber, plastic material, injection liquids by means of steam under pressure of 15 to 20 psi. (adjustable).

Construction :–
Triple chamber with inner chamber and steam jacket made of thick stainless steel. Jacket is insulated by high grade glass wool to minimise the temperature loss. All sterilizers are hydraulically tested upto 2.5 times of working pressure. Outer chamber made of thick stainless steel sheet. Lid is made of thick stainless steel plate single piece and closed by wing nuts arrangement. Jointless neoprene gasket does not allow any leakage.
Fitted with double safety valve, water level indicator, water inlet and drain valves. Supplied complete with cord and plug but without dressing bins. Suitable to work on
220 volts, 1 ph 50 Hz, Ac supply.

Available in following chamber sizes :–
dia   ×   depth      load
300   ×   500 mm    2 kw
400   ×   600 mm    4 kw

Optional Accessories :–
• Automatic low water level cutoff device
• Pressure control switch
• Dressing Bins
(a) 275 × 225 mm (11" × 9") For size (a)
(b) 375 × 275 mm (15" × 11") For size (b)

YSU–404 Steri H.P. Cylindrical Sterilizer – Vertical

Bearing ISI Mark : IS – 3829 III

The Unit comprises of steam jacket electrically heated, inner chamber & lid made of stainless steel, works on 3-phase, 440V., A/C, 50 HZ supply fitted with automatic pressure control switch, safety valve etc.

Chamber :–
The chamber is made of heavy gauge, stainless steel, fitted with stainless steel forged ring and forged lid, chamber is fitted with two safety valve of stainless steel, pressure gauge, water outlet valve and Air inlet valve, stainless steel steam condenser, tube with stainless steel eject valve.

Steam Generator :–

The steam generator is made out of stainless steel heavy gauge fitted with pressure gauge and water draining valve.

Outer Cover :–

The outer cover is made out of stainless steel, duly insulated with high density mineral wool from the inner chamber and fitted with stable legs.

Principle :–

The steam generates from the jacket and gets condensed by the help of the eject valve which goes through condensing tube and the dry steam gets into the chamber to penetrate into the packs contained in the chamber.

Available in following capacities :–

dia × depth load
300 × 500 mm 4 kw
400 × 600 mm 6 kw

Spare accessories (YSI–402, 403, 404) :–

• Pressure gauge/compound gauge
• Water level gauge glass
• Wings nuts for vertical autoclave
• Neoprene Rubber jointless gaskets
Dia : 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 550mm
• Heating elements : “L” type (Vertical Autoclave)
1.5 Kw, 2.0 Kw, 3.0 Kw, 4.0 Kw





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