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Waster Shredder

YSU–612 Steri Waste Shredder

Purpose :–
Equipment is designed for shredding of plastic hospital waste like blood bags, IV/ blood transfusion sets, barrels/pistons of disposable plastic syringes, scalpel blades, needles, glass etc.

Construction :–
These are fabricated of heavy duty frame with powder coated M.S. sheet. Equipment design permits easy & safe loading material through sturdy hopper and collection of shredded material in containers avoiding spill over & prevent flying particles and aerosols, the shredding process being in a closed system.

Cutter :–
These are made of noncorrosive alloy steel of appropriate size and are designed to the latest technology for longer life and higher output.

Power Supply :–
Suitable to work on 220 V/440V, Single/Three Phase, 50 Hz. AC supply.

Capacity :– Available in various capacity ranging from
10 Kg./Hr. onwards to higher capacities.

Salient Features :–
• Easy & safe to operate.
• Low noise.
• Heavy & sturdy construction.
• Noncorrosive cutter.
• Easy to clean & maintain.
• Shock proof & insulated as per safety noms.

Optional Accessories :–
• Run time hour meter.
• Auto switch off against electrical accidents and overloading/jamming of cutting.
• Automatic shut down for idle running.


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