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Siliconised, sharp bevelled, back cut ground S.S. Needle for

    • Optimum penetration & insertion performance.
    • Smooth & painless venipuncture.
    • Minimize the chance of inadvertent nerve damage.

Double tapered with formed tip & siliconised offers low resistance during insertion resulting less trauma to the patient

    • Provide and ultra smooth surface reducing the potential for thrombogenicity.
    • Minimum resistance during insertion due to low coefficient of friction.
    • Thin wall of the catheter allows superior flow rates.

    • Stabilise the needle inside the catheter to make safe insertion.
    • Offers clear indication of successful venipuncture with blood entry in translucent flash back chamber.

    • Provided for injecting intravenous medicine. Silicone tube having non return property synchronizes with the inner diameter of the main wing body resulting no leekage.

    • Packing in blister with peel open facility.

    • Colour coded injection port cap for easy size identification.
    • Deep grooved wings help easy fixation with patient skin.


    • Size (G): 24