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Seed Germinator

YSI–463 Yorco Seed Germinator
---Single Chamber

Designed for conducting various experiments on variety of seeds under different parameters of temperature, humidity etc. Atmospheric environment can thus easily be simulated within the laboratory to perform different experiments without going into the field, by creating desired condition of temperature & humidity in the chamber of seed germinator. It is of double walled construction. Inner chamber is made of Aluminium/Stainless Steel & outer cabinet is made of MS sheet, duly pre treated & finished with epoxy powder paint. Insulation is provided between inner chamber & outer body to minimise heat loss. S.S. Water reservoir at the bottom provides 90% to 95% fixed humidity (not adjustable). Temperature from ambient to 50°C ± 0.5oC is controlled by IMPORTED capillary thermostat.
Door is also provided with a viewing glass window to view the germination of seeds inside the chamber without opening the door, thus no temperature/humidity loss. Air circulation ensures uniform temperature inside the chamber.
Heater provided for temperature control and humidity is achieved by steam generator inside the chamber. A water reservoir in the bottom is heated through immersion type heaters generates the steam. Thus creating humid condition inside the chamber.
Panel is fitted with graduated temperature setting dial and pilot lamps, switches etc. Supplied complete with 6 aluminium/SS perforated trays. Complete with cord and plug, to operate on 220 Volts, 1 Ph, 50 cycles AC supply.

Size of inner chamber :–
W × H × D
555 × 910 × 605 mm

YSI–464 Yorco Seed Germinator
--Single Chamber

Construction details same as per Cat. No. YSI–463 but fitted with refrigeration system comprising of hermetically sealed ISI marked compressor to maintain temperature between 5°C to 50°C ± 1°C and humidity range 90 to 95% RH (not adjustable).

YSI–465 Yorco Seed Germinator

--Single Chamber (day light)

Details same as per YSI-464 but provided with exterior lighting arrangement to simulate (manually operated by switch) light conditions also.

Optional Accessories of (YSI-463, 464 & 465) :–
• Digital Temperature Indicator.
• Digital Temperature Controller-cum-Indicator in lieu of thermostat.
• 0-24 hours imported programmable time for regulating illumination cycle. (For YSI-465).
• Stabilizer 3 KVA (For Refrigerated Models)




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