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YSI–433 York Chromatography Oven

Temp. range 50°C to 150°C ± 1oC Controlled by “IMPORTED” Thermostat. Description similar to YSI–430. Chamber Size 625W × 605H × 605D mm in Alum. or S.S. Sheet.
Special Offer (Optional)
• Digital Display temp. indicator.
• Digital Display temp. controller–cum–indicator in lieu of thermostat.

YSI–434 York Deluxe Oven
---High Temp

YORK Deluxe model Ovens are sturdy, with double walled construction. Inner chamber is made of M.S./S.S. Outer chamber is made of M.S. duly pretreated in seven tanks process for surface treatment & finished with durable Powder Coated Paint. M.S. Sheet inner chamber is painted with high temperature aluminium paint. 100 mm gap between the walls is filled with special grade glass wool for proper insulation and to avoid heat losses. Inner chamber has support to adjust shelves to any convenient height. Supplied with 2 removable shelves. SHELVES are made of perforated polished SS Sheet/M.S. Mesh as per chamber.
Door is double walled & is insulated and is fitted with heavy hinges with a ball catcher door closing device. Inner chamber can optionally be provided of S.S. Sheet.
Temperature Control :– Temperature is controlled by digital temp. controller can indicator. Heaters are placed at the bottom and two sides in different sets and a power selection switch which permits selection of High, Medium and Low Wattage, assures quick stabilizing of working temperature inside the chamber. Temperature range various from 50°C to 350°C ± 3°C. The oven is complete with two indicators, rotary switch for low, medium and high pressure wattage with off position.
Power Requirement :– Suitable to operate on 220 V single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Size of inner chamber :–
W × H × D Load
455 × 455 × 455 mm 3.5 kw
605 × 605 × 605 mm 5.0 kw
605 × 910 × 605 mm 5.0 kw

Optional Accessories :–
• Air circulating fan.
• Timer.
• Micro processor based PID temp. controller-cum-indicator.

YSI–435 York Glass Bead Sterilizer

Complete body made of powder coated steel with inner chamber made of thick st. steel, thermostatically controlled for temp from 50°C to 300°C. Supplied complete with glass beads suitable for instant sterilization of needles, forceps, beads etc. Available small & medium size.






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