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Tissue Processor
YSI–126 Yorco Automatic Knife Sharpener
----Arthur Thomas Type

With Miller assembly at its heart, the unit is unmatched in performance even by the most skilled hard honing and stropping. It permits to set exact angle of bevel on knife edge. A perfect cutting edge is obtained by sharpening the knife on this unit. Salient features of the unit include easy operation, automatic reversing of knife at regular intervals for an equal bevel angle on both sides of its edge; eliminates the need for resurfacing the glass plate as the knife execution is across the full diameter of the rotating plate. The unit comprises of the reinforced sheet metal housing with hinged doors at front and side to facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance. It has a constant speed motor to rotate the ground glass plate 500 mm dia × 12 mm thick at constant speed. Knife upto the size of 300 mm × 13 mm can be easily sharpened on the unit. A lubricant reservoir needed for grinding and polishing is supported on top frame. Top platform is provided with a drain to remove the used lubricant. A sector type metal scale graduated from 0 to 25° in 1° division indicates the exact angle between the bevel and centre line. The unit complete in all respects and duly painted & has aesthetic looks. Supplied with rexine cover, cord and plug without micro abrasive. Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, Ac supply.


YSI–128 Yorco Automatic Knife Sharpener
----A.O. Spencer Type

The unit automates the process of manual knife sharpening to eliminate unevenness of the surface and ensures an equal bevel angle by moving the knife to and fro and automatically reverses the same at regular intervals. The unit consists of sturdy housing having a synchronous motor coupled with a gear system to achieve the task.

The unit is also provided with a transparent hinged cover to prevent deposition of dust etc. on the glass plate or moving parts. The knife holder along with knife comes in contact with the ground glass honing plate smoothly to prevent any damage to its surface while reversing it. An adjustable 0-60 minutes timer to do sharpening for a preset duration is a standard feature.

Knives of length upto 170 mm and thickness 12 mm can be accommodated on the unit. The entire unit comes in an attractively powder coated finish. The unit is supplied complete with, two honing plates, cord and plug, but without micro abrasive.

Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Optional Accessories (YSI–126, 128)
  • Micro Abrasive

Spare Accessories (YSI–126, 128)
  • Glass plate
  • Block Holder


YSI–129 Yorco Micro Abrasive

Most effective for efficient sharpening of microtome knives manually or on automatic knife sharpeners. These enhance the life of ground glass honing plate and assure perfectly sharpened knife edges :

Coarse : YA 2000 (Set of two bottles each of 200 gms.)
Fine : YA 3000
(Set of two bottles each of 200 gms.)






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