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Tissue Processor
YSI - 103 Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor
----Super Deluxe

This model is specially designed and immaculately profiled. It effectively combines aesthetic appeal with functional utility. Most effective feature of the machine is that only Basket Rotor along with the single bakelite beaker cover lifts up to change the position on to the next stage of the processing cycle. All the other beakers remain covered during each change of stage, thus keeping the loss of alcohol/reagents to a minimal level due to evaporation.

Technical Data
It progresses from its natural stage, through dehydration stages to its final embedding in wax, with 12 processing stages. Quite elaborate methods can easily be employed for preparing tissues for histology. The last two stages are thermostatically controlled wax baths. Programming the machine is very simple by cutting notches at desired timing intervals on the disc calibrated for 24 hrs. If used with single load head, 36 tissues can be processed for unequal immersion time and with double load head 72 tissues can be processed using the equal immersion time. The delay timer for 24 hours is also provided for weekend and routine delay starting.

Both the baskets keep rotating to ensure better penetration. All the beakers remain covered throughout the process. On completion of the cycle the unit automatically gets locked up to prevent double processing and the tissues remain embedded in the wax bath, until removed.

Safety Device
The built-in safety device protects the tissues by not allowing them to shift from 10th to 11th or 11th to 12th stage in case the wax is not melted. It precludes any accident due to power failure or manufacturing of the wax baths.

The equipment is supplied complete with 2 Nos. S.S. Basket Rotors, 2 Nos. S.S. Baskets, 24 Nos. S.S. Tissue capsules, 10 Nos. Borosil Glass Beakers without lip, 2 Nos. S.S. Wax Baths, 5 Nos. 24 hrs. calibrated metallic timing disc, One notch cutting plier.
Considering the requirement of different individual users, the Model is available in different Capacities.
Beaker/Wax Bath Capacity : 1/2 litre. 1 litre. 2 Liters.
Suitable to work on 220V, Single Phase 50 Hz, AC supply.
Capacity :– 1/2 litre, 1 litre, 2 liters

Spare Accessories

  • Automatic wax bath. Special type
  • Basket Rotor which rotates the tissue basket slowly.
  • Tissue capsule basket S.S. even perforation.
  • Tissue capsule S.S. 28×28×9mm with sliding cover.
  • Tissue capsule S.S. 20×20×10mm with sliding cover.
  • Tissue capsule S.S. Circular, 36mm dia with auto press lid.
  • Divider for Tissue capsule ‘s’ shape.
  • Divider for Tissue capsule ‘v’ shape.
  • Beaker without lip.
  • Timing Disc calibrated for 24 hours.

YSI - 104 Yorco Automatic Tissue Processor
----Electra Model (Micro Processor Based)

Under the guidance of eminent pathologists our R & D Division has developed yet another unique model of Tissue Processor having complete Programmer logic Controller for complete cycle. Timing & stage sequence, Wax bath temperature safety system etc. are all controlled/operated by feather touch key board with Digital Display. The entire unit looks very attractive with aesthetic appeal. The data is retained in case of power failure. Front panel comprises of the key board, digital display, control switch. The PID temperature controller have been used for controlling the wax bath temperature.

Technical Data
The 12 stage timing sequence may be programmed for each stage for duration between 1 minute to 9 hrs. 59 minute, in steps of 1 minute.

Delay Time
Delay time can be programmed upto 99 hours and will be sequenced with main control.

Wax Bath Safety Control
Wax Bath PID temperature controller gives signal if temperature is not between 50° to 65°C. Safety System will function at 10th, 11th & 12th position and will stop the main unit in stage 9 onward till the set temperature is attained in the wax bath.

Basket Rotor
Slowly rotating 2 basket rotors are also operated through the microprocessor.

The unit is supplied complete with 2 Nos. S.S. Basket Rotors, 2 Nos. S.S. Baskets, 24 Nos. S.S. Tissue Capsules, 10 Nos. S.S. beakers without lip, 2 Nos. S.S. Wax Baths (Special designed for use with PID temperature controller).
Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Capacity :– 1 litre, 2 liters

Spare Accessories

  • Automatic Wax Bath specially designed for PID control and PT 100 sensor. It signal’s the machine in stage 9, prior to immersion in Wax and if wax is melted it automatically takes change from stage 9 to 10 and so on, but if wax is not melted due to some reasons, then machine signals “Wax not melted or temperature is not proper”. When wax is melted/wax temperature is attained then only the tissue basket is allowed to immerse or rotate in the wax bath. Thus 100% safety of precious tissue.
  • Basket Rotor which rotate the tissue basket slowly.
  • Tissue Capsule Basket of S.S. with even perforation.
  • Tissue Capsule S.S. 28×28×9mm with sliding cover
  • Tissue Capsule S.S. 20×20×10mm with sliding cover.
  • Tissue capsule S.S. circular, 36mm dia with Auto press lid.
  • Divider for Tissue Capsule ‘S’ shape.
  • Divider for Tissue Capsule ‘V’ shape.
  • Beaker without lip.

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