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YSI - 105 Yorco Tissue Processing Unit
----Single Unit

Compact model, suitable for use in small Laboratories. Supplied with One S.S. Basket Rotor, One S.S. Tissue Basket, One S.S. Wax Bath, 24 Nos. S.S. Tissue Capsules, 6 Nos. S-type Dividers.

Suitable to work on 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, Ac supply.

YSI–111 Yorco Bone Decalcifier
----Latest Model Designed on International Pattern

Suitable for use in Histology for decalcification of the bone tissue by electrolytic action for easy and precise sectioning. Through the combination of heat & fluid agitation, this instrument provide a method of decalcifying bone in preparation for sectioning & cellular staining. Decalcification is completed for significantly reduced time as compared to manual process, to ensure good staining characteristics. Nitric or Hydrochloric acid of not more than 5% concentrated is generally used.

Basket movement is provided by an electric motor, which raises & lowers the basket and concurrently rotates it at slow speed for thorough solution action. A heating jacket vessel in the base of the support-stand heats the solution. An electric sunvic energy regulator/control box is fitted on the stand for easy operation. Suitable complete with plug & cord, the units is suitable for operation at 220 V, single phase, 50 Hz, AC supply.



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