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>> Sterilization Equipment <<
     Dressing Drums      Autoclaves
    YSI-400 York Dressing Drums (Shallow Sterilizer)
YSI-401 York Portable Autoclave
    YSI-402 York Autoclave
    Vertical Autoclaves      Cylindrical Horizontal Autoclaves

YSI-403 York H.P. Sterilizer
YSU-404 Steri H.P. Cylinderical Sterilizer-Vertical


YSU-405 Steri H.P. Cylindrical,Horizontal Sterilizer

     E.T.O. Sterilizer      High Speed Sterilizers

YSU-406 Steri Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer
YSU-406 Steri Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

    YSU-407 Steri H.P. High Speed Cylinderical Sterilizerl
     Rectangular Horizontal Sterilizers      Water Stills
    YSU-408 Steri H.P. Rectangular Horizontal


YSU-409 Steri Hot & Cold Water Sterilizer as per IS: 7455
YSU-410 Steri Single Water Still (Distillation)
YSU-410 (A) Steri Double Water Still (Distillation)
YSU-410 (B) Steri Single Water Still (Distillation)

     Scrub Station      Table Top Autoclave
    YSU-615 Steri Aseptic Scrub Station


YSU-616 Steri Dental Autoclave
YSU-617 Steri Table Top Portable Autoclave

>> Waste Management Equipment <<
     Waste Sterilizer      Waste Shredder
    YSU-611 Steri High Pressure High Speed Horizontal Cylindrical/Rectangular Regulated Medical Waste Sterilizer     YSU-612 Steri Waste Shredder
    Waste Incinerator     

YSI-230 York Incinerator
YSI-230A York Incinrator
YSI-158 York Syringe Needle Destroyer




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