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>> General Equipment <<
     Seed Germinator      Homogenizer

YSI-463 York Seed Germinator
YSI-464 York Seed Germinator
YSI-465 York Seed Germinator
YSI-466 York Seed Germinator
YSI-467 York Seed Germinator


YSI-471 York Tissue Homogenizer
YSI-474 York Micro Tissue Homogenizer-Disintegrator-Virtis Type
YSI-475 York Micro Tissue Homogenizer Electric Disintegrator-Virtis Type

     Vortex Mixer     Flask Shaker

YSI-507 York Laboratory Stirrer
YSI-512 York Vortex Mixer
YSI-514 York Shaking Machine
YSPL-515 York Shaking Machine


YSPL-516 York Shaking Machine
YSPL-517 York Rotary Flask Shaker(Fixed Machine)
YSPL-518 York Rotary Shaker

     Laboratory Mill/Vaccum Pump     Muffle Furnace

YSPL-526 York Laboratory Mill
YSPL-527 York Laboratory Mill
YSPL-528 York Laboratory Mill
YSPL-530 York Vaccume Pump

    YSPL-532 York Muffle Furnace Rectangular
YSPL-535 York Seitz Filter
     Fermentor     Isotope Handling Equipments

YSPL-544 York Servo Stabilizer
YSU-551 Steri Fermentor


YSI-701 Remote Handling Tongs
YSI–702 Remote Forceps
YSI-703 Remote Control Pipettor
YSI-704 Deluxe Isotope Bottle Opener
YSI-705 Wire Cutter
YSI-706 Remote Control Can Openers
YSI-707 S.S. Precipitation Apparatus
YSI-708 S.S. Filter Tower Apparatus
YSI-709 Planchets
YSI-710 Sample Storage Cabinet
YSI-711 Universal Lead Castle
YSI-712 Lead Pots For Radioactive Isotopes
YSI-713 Lead Pots with Detachable Carrying Handles
YSI-714 Lead Storage Pots in Steel Casting
YSI-715 Regular Lead Bricks
YSI-7162" Thick Lead Bricks
YSI-717 Lead Shielded Syringe(Cover)
YSI-718 Lead Letter & Figuers
YSI-719 Lead Rubber Sheeting
YSI-720 Lead Rubber Apron
YSI-721 Lead Rubber Apron
YSI-722 Lead Gloves(Standered Model)
YSI-726 Lead Goggles
YSI-727 Perspex Beta Hoods

YSI-728 Protection Screen Lead Lined


     Hospital Utensils      Disinfector

YSPL-900 Instrument Sterilizer
YSI-400 Dressing Drums(Shallow Sterilizer)
YSPL-901 Instrument Tray
YSPL-902 Catheter Tray
YSPL-903 Thermometer Jar
YSPL-904 Dressing Forcep Jar
YSPL-905 Kidney Tray
YSPL-906 Wash Basin
YSPL-907 Solution Bowl
YSPL-908 Sponge Bowl
YSPL-909 Feeding Cup
YSPL-910 Gallipot
YSPL-911 Needle or Ointement Jar or Dressing Jar With Cover
YSPL-912 Bed Pan
YSPL-913 Urinal
YSPL-914 Irrigator

    YSI-215 York Aerosol Disinfector
YSI-241 York Humidifier


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